Healthcare or human care?

I hear all kinds of conversation going on about health care. There are people with a heart full of fire on both sides of the aisle to say who is right and who is wrong. I don't blame anyone. The only thing that worries me is simply this. Is it all about healthcare or is there a place for human care? What is important in the midst of these heated debates? Are human beings important in this world? Are they simply products to be used and manipulated by people who have vested interests? Are we simply that lost that we don't even know the difference between human beings and non-human beings? 
I pray that healthcare is about human care. When it comes to human care, healthcare will be replaced by truth and will go beyond politics. If our leaders have the courage to go into themselves and see what their potential is, to bring about the right action which I believe they ca,  that would be the best day. I don't care if that means healthcare or non-healthcare. But it has to be about people and simply people all around. God's chosen people that includes all of creation. 


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