God’s river is full…

The river of God is full of water. Psalm 65: 9c

A river is that stream of water which constantly flows and moves. It is never stagnant. It is always fresh and new. It is never the same. River takes its own course and river goes wherever it wills. The path that it takes new life emerges and new people move towards. Life is abundant around rivers and that is the history of mankind. For centuries civilizations found their way to full and rich rivers. For life got hope from water that moved and changed.

If a river is ever stagnant and unmoving and if you can step into the same river a second time, then life will soon disappear from it and around it. If the water is not flowing and changing, if it is not making new path ways then all that is in it will be dead soon. A stream of water becomes a river only when it can move from where it started making changes and new paths along the way. It finds its own way and it is powerful.

That is what God’s river is. God’s river is full and flowing. It is not empty or stagnant. It is not dead. It is full of water and that water will give life. God shared that water, the water that he took out of His River, which was dynamic and changing and baptized you. Therefore it is within you to be dynamic, changing, new, powerful and never dying even when a draught in life hits at an unwanted time.

For God’s river is full of water. God’s river softens with showers, blesses with growth, crowns with bounty, overflows with richness, girds with joy and fills the valleys of our lives with new direction. It is only natural for us to go towards God. We only become heavely civilization when we can settle down in the banks of God’s rivers that is filled with life-giving waters.

Fr. Jos

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