God to walk with you!

One who trusts will not panic. Isaiah 28: 16

We go through tough times in life and some that are painful and scary. We fear those times and things. Even just the thought of such events in life panics us. We know we are faithful believers and trusting children of God. 

But then if we are trusting why do we panic. Is it possible for us not to panic in situations that calls for it? So may be the Lord is saying, Do not panic to the point to do stupid things that would cause more panic, fear, anxiety and sadness. May be in our panic we bring forth more panicky acts, causing greater damage to the existing situation. This is an invitation to all who trusts in the Lord, our rock and salvation, to develop an awareness of our deep rooted trust in God that keeps us going. It is not a call not to panic but a call to the awareness of its irrational result sometimes. It is an invitation to let God take control.

Easy to say it, I realize. But may be not so hard to start trusting The Lord will lead us to safe waters and green pastures. Even to just repeat it daily. May be to slowly develop a sense that God will walk with us through the dark valleys of life.


Fr. Jos

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