God is good!


God is good, His love endures for ever. 2 Chronicles 5: 2

Goodness never dies. If someone is good, it is not for a short time. It is for a lifetime. If someone wants to be good, then one needs to realize that goodness is a lifetime commitment. For only love can make a person good and love is such a thing that it is the only thing that can go beyond this earthly existence. Therefore by being good one is saying he or she has made a commitment to love regardless of the outcome. Love endures everything and anything for the love of the other for an eternity to come.

So, God is good, for his love endures for ever in spite of the fact that sometimes it is hard to love us after what we do. But God does. He endures our misdoings loving us even through them so that we will one day return like the son who went away with the riches of his father and returned to the love in repentance. He was pleasantly surprised to see his father was a good man, for his love endured through the dark days of abandonment and misdoings.

Is our goodness that long lasting? Are we committed to be good for ever? If yes, then, we have a share in God’s personality because God committed Himself to be good for ever.


Fr. Jos

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