Finding God… Finding Truth!

O God, in the greatness of Thy loving-kindness, Answer me with Thy saving truth. Psalm: 69: 13

God’s kindness is always accompanied with love that makes kindness simply something to be desired for. Only great souls on earth can be lovingly kind. This would require a person to be non-judging and non-arrogant, in touch with truth within. It is this attitude which makes a person great.

Now the question is, can loving kindness be always pleasant and easy to take? For the Psalmist is praying to the Lord for truth. Truth sometimes can be convenient and inconvenient. It is convenient when it pertains to others around us and it is inconvenient when it is about ourselves. When we ask the Lord to teach us the truth, we are also asking the Lord to make truth saving and freeing. Every prayer said and lived genuinely is a plea to the Lord to reveal the truth about God and ourselves. It is from this knowledge of ourselves which sometimes can be inconvenient truths, the Lord makes us saved and redeeming people.

So today when you hear the voice of the Lord coming to you through someone or another or a situation, remember this, is this the truth I hate because it challenges me to change my heart? If it is the Lord is near and it is an acceptable time of the Lord in your life. Or the moment you hear it, does it feel like finally I have an answer for my friend, family or any others, may be the truth has become too convenient where the Lord is very distant. Truth hurts but truth also gives freedom with redeeming and loving kindness. Speak the truth today or hear it even if it is inconvenient. For it is an acceptable time of the Lord.

Fr. Jos

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