Don’t split your seconds!

We live in a world of multitasking. Many claim they can do more than one thing at a time, especially now with the advancement of technology. When we hire people we hire those who can multitask. We expect them to do everything well and at the same time. I wonder whether we can actually multitask, or are we faking it? Only one thing is necessary and that is doing what you do well. What you do now is always one thing at a time. If you can split your seconds into several actions, I am sure you will agree with me, you only do one thing at a time. Imagine if you did one thing with a little more intention. How much more powerful would that be? When someone is fully focused we say they have “tunnel vision” and they accomplish far more than those who can multitask! I wish I could focus and forget multitasking! “Only one thing is necessary and Mary has chosen the better part” (Luke 10:42), says the Lord.

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