Pray For

Pray For

Jesus continued to pray for people even beyond the horizons he was familiar with or used to, or for that matter comfortable with. In that bunch were people who were thinking of killing him, conniving against him and obstructing the justice of God. Jesus prayed for those who will understand him and follow him as well. But more, he prayed for those that were not in the bunch.

Praying for people beyond our imagination is not an easy thing to do. For example those who think of harming you, your family, and your country. Pray for those that are not in your bunch today and pray for those that are away for whatever be the reason. People are away not in body many times. They are away for reasons only known to us and not to them. It can be a misunderstanding, fear, anger, disappointment caused or whatever. If you can go into the innermost hidden corners of your heart, you will find a way to see who needs your prayers today.

Action Plan: Take a three minutes break. Close your eyes, and think about those whom you have shut down for reasons that you don’t wish to talk about to a confessor, priest, preacher, friend or even your spouse. Pray for that person you would like to talk about least even to the one who is most dear to you. Pray for those that are not in your bunch in the minutes of silence and then Lent will be on.

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