Recognize Grace

In each one’s life there is a moment of glory and grace. Some of us recognize it as Jesus did and others wait around for it to happen. Each moment of Jesus’ life was a moment of glory and grace. So shall be in the life of those who follow him. But it takes openness, willingness and readiness to recognize the moment of glory and even better is the willingness to accept it gracefully.

So, this day, accept the grace of glory and goodness in your life. There will be plenty of opportunity to recognize it. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of the glory of grace in your life for that is where all life begins. When you recognize there is grace in the blessings of the Lord, you will be open to the glory and blessings upon others. So, cheer up and be blessed.

To Act Up On: Sit in silence for a few minutes. Enjoy the sunshine, while being grateful for the grace God has given you. Relish the moments when someone complemented you, and you felt humbled and blessed. Give praise to God for the moments people were kind and gracious. For the Glory of God was present in those moments and you were blessed beyond your understanding.

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