Bring your case before the Lord

O Lord, you always give me justice when I bring a case before you to decide. Jeremiah 12: 1

God’s justice is result of God’s love. God’s justice is always available. God deals with people in love and sometimes tough love. So some people call it justice and others call it love. Regardless of what someone calls, it is always available to the one who is willing to take their case, their anger, their struggles and their fears to the Lord. Sometimes we try to find justice and truth all on our own without seeking the help of the truely Just, who is God alone. God always will give justice with love to the one who has the courage to take their case to the Lord.

This also would mean for me to admit that I can’t and don’t know how to judge. This also would mean that I have to trust the one who knows it. And again it would mean I will let the one who knows do it to the best. This would mean, I shall not judge.

You always give me justice O lord, if only I can trust day after day that it is only you who can judge and be just without indignation and partiality. If only I knew You know the best and You read the hearts of all. In the midst of all my judgments, I wish I could see myown heart as You do.


Fr. Jos

One thought on “Bring your case before the Lord

  1. Dear Fr. Jos,
    Each day,my problems seem getting heavier even if I present them to the Lord.How I wish I could see God’s message and may He grant me the grace to be humble enough to take them as my cross and may there be glory.I also pray that my aspirations be fruitful.

    I wish I could tell one by one my problems.I also wish that time will come Iwill talk how God answered them.

    Thank you and God bless you!


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