Bless your home

Lord, you have given me (us) a home to live in and a place to share my (our) love. I thank you for this dwelling. I remember the day when your father was searching for a place that you could be born. I wish that day be today and my home be your home to be born, to grow, to live and to rest. Generous Lord, let the roof tops of this house be filled with your graces that pours into the hearts of all who live here. Let the rooms of this house be filled with divine presence. Let the kitchen of this house have enough food to share with all in here and those in need. Let running water in this house be a source of life to us and others. Let the power give us light and strength, comfort and entertainment that our bodies will be relaxed and our souls will be revived. When we wake up in the morning, may this house be glowing in the shining grace of God’s love that we be bathed in His ever providing care and fresh in his refreshing aroma.

© 2007: Rev. Jos Tharakan. Requires permission to reproduce. Email: