Bless me Lord that I may not be afraid of the other

The sound of the day was simply reconciliation more than anything. Whether it was spoken or heard, that was my impression. While each of the presidents had their view of reconciliation and moving forward to the place God has in store for us, I found each of the presidents suggesting ways to achieve God’s plan differently.

I believe reconciliation starts with oneself first, and then within our immediate family while children of God are first found at home and not elsewhere. So, my take on the thoughts and suggestions by our presidents today, all of it start at home with each of us in our immediate environment.

There is a breath of God in us first, and then in the one sitting next to us before it reaches to the other in the other continent, while the liberated children of God are not far from us but in front of us. Reconciliation and recognition are only possible when there is no fear of the other. All kinds of fears needs to be put at the feet of the Lord before we can mug enough courage to listen, care and be cared for.

Humility to humanness is the path to spiritual renewal and that is what I believe our convention invites us today. It goes for each and every one of us here in this place at the General Convention and those far away from this place. One thing I know for sure, we are a community when we are with one another in all our brokenness and boldness. We are a people of God when we recognize the other without fear.

This night I pray for a heart that is blessed with courage. I pray that we are all people of God without the fear of the other. I pray that in each of us we can find a place to recognize and reconcile with the other. I pray that let it begin with me O Lord.

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