Beholding wonderful things

Open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful things from Thy law.  Psalm: 119: 18

Our eyes are wonderful creation of God. We are so blessed to see the beauty of creation; the changing colors, running rivers and the beautiful mountains. The beautiful rising sun, the full moon nights, and all the little stars in the sky are all powerful expression of God’s love. All the little creatures of the earth, flowers of the field and people of different types are God’s life throbbing right here and we are blessed to see them with our naked eyes.

But then there is another set of eyes the Lord wants us to be blessed with. These eyes can see things what our external eyes can not. The vision of our inner eyes give us the grace to the wonderful things God’s law hides behind those that are difficult to understand, easy to forget and quick to discard. They reveal the mysteries of God. They show us the beauty of sacrifice and the power of forgiveness. Those eyes reveal to us a wonderful world hidden behind the human flesh and earthly beauty.

Seeing through inner eyes makes us better people. When our inner eyes and hearts are open, we will learn to love ourselves so that we know what is expected when we love others. When we behold God’s forgiving love it will change us for the better and give the power to forgive and strength to suffer. Let us open our eyes and see God’s wonderful world hidden within us. Beauty of the world and the One who created it reside in us that no one is deprived of God’s wonderful things.

Open my eyes O Lord, that I may see all that is wonderful. For wonderful things start with and within me.

Fr. Jos

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