Become a Contagious Joy!

Restore to me the joy of your salvation. Psalm 51: 12

Every word in this small sentence talks to us volumes of our original condition as children of God rather than our present condition as sinful people. The writer is asking the Lord to restore, meaning to give us the grace to go back to that condition with which he was conceived in the mind of God and created from the days before man experienced limitation.

Salvation is a spiritual condition rather than a time bound experience. It is a state of life whereby God becomes real and present. It is when the possibilities of holy life rises to the top of our priorities. Because Salvation which was an original condition left behind in the garden of Eden will then be brought back to mankind by Christ through a change of priorities.

So when you say restore the joy, you will be making yourself available and present to God to make salvation an everyday experience. It is this everyday experience of Salvation that makes Christian life meaningful and worth living. It also in turn becomes attractive to others. For the joy of a person loved and restored to God is contagious. Become contagious today and let that bring joy in the life of someone you meet this week. Restore to me the joy of your salvation O’ Lord.

Fr. Jos

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