Be sinner, not a saint for now.

Remember, this was the complaint on Jesus. Because Jesus ate and drank with the sinners and tax collectors. He was one among them. Jesus was real, down to earth, present and fun to be around. He was not a morose guy who always talked about repentance and penance. He talked about things that are simple, fun, everyday things such as birds, field, flour, bread, pets. The list can go on and on. He was not interested too much about gold, silver, wisdom, erudition and all that are fine things of this world.

It is easy to be extraordinary. For in it there is some pride and prejudice sometimes. Being the extraordinary, you could be taken for being important and believe others not as important as you are. In pride lyes the prejudice of self-righteousness. In pride you will close the roof of your mind and the door of your heart. So, allow yourself to be a sinner, just like the rest of the world around you is. Don’t pretend to have it all together, for the rest of the world does not have it all together even though they might pretend otherwise. Don’t be alarmed, you are not alone being a sinner. You will find the company of true people even more to be your friends than otherwise.

Act upon it: Laugh with someone and enjoy the company of a person who might otherwise you would have thought senseless and silly. Spend a day being as simple as you can be, by may be taking a cup of coffee to your fellow worker, opening the door to someone, just sitting with someone without worrying about what all other things you have to do today. Simply sit with someone and laugh about something that is funny, silly and foolish. In truth, I can tell you, there is always someone out there who could beat your greatness. You can surpass it by being yourself, a sinner rather than a saint.

Fr. Jos+
copyright: Fr. Jos Tharakan

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