For years I trained myself to be a minister. Then one morning I realized it is not all about me and all what I do that matters. When those I came along with and became part of something that empowered me and lifted me up, and when I reciprocated, ministry happened in full circle. I waited and longed for such moments in life and then I was satisfied by what I am. But of course I can not wait for others to act. Therefore I act first and then others respond. That is how I realized ministry is a mutual building of one another.

  • Kingdom of God is real when I complete the circle of life for the other and the other completes it richly through me. The very realization of one another as integral part of spiritual process is what makes me realistically joyful and hopeful. So, what do I do to enable this process in myself and others?
  • I visit people in their most needed hours of life. While I bless them they in return bless me even more. Each time I remembered what my mother used to say, “Jos, life is full no matter how old you are, when you have the grace to bow before someone smaller in your eyes but bigger in the eyes of God.”
  • I celebrate life. Because I have learned in death, true life emerges. Death to myself is not easy though. But I know the principle and then I try everyday and report I have failed many times. But I will try again and again to give life to those around me. Thus I celebrate life.
  • I forgive sins. Because in my action of forgiveness I am blessed with forgiveness and it then becomes no more simply an ideology and Theology. Forgiveness only became real to me when I gave it before I received it. I aspire to forgive so that someone else can give forgiveness back to me.
  • I anoint the other and they have anointed me in return. I remember how blessed I felt each time my brothers and sisters in my parish blessed me and anointed me. They embraced me to their own fold as one of their own allowing the freedom of a human being and the grace of the child of God.
  • I try to heal the other with my love and compassion. Can I actually heal? Not at all. But my love seems to work the miracle for the other. So, I will continue to do that without judgement while dearly hoping for God to come up with the healing. It does not matter at the end. Because I still have done my job of loving. The rest let it happen as it happens.
  • I try to listen, hoping to understand. Do I all the time? I have to confess. Not at all. So, I ask again and listen again and try again and again. Finally I am hoping one day I will understand beyond all measures so that I can be the presence of God. That is because many more have given me the same grace and made me what I am. It has not been all my work. That is a blessing. Thank God.
  • I work hard. Well. Sometimes too hard not giving the Spirit a chance to succeed. So, now I am going to give a little space to the Spirit in all what I do. So, finally I can realize “I am what I am before God, nothing more, nothing less”. I think only then I can be at peace. Because it is God through others that gives me the grace to be better and truthful each day.

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  1. Your site is beautiful and very inspiring. I am so looking forward to seeing you at All Saints

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