Table Of Plenty!

Welcome to my table. Oh.. not mine. It is the table of the Lord and there is plenty here. Share it with others. Invite others to share this table. You bless my life by being here and I hope I can be a blessing to you in return. So that we will grow together. Or else what use is it? I care not to be in heaven without you. I hope you will do the same for me. So, let us travel together in this journey of life. Let us eat from this table of plenty set by Jesus and because I know he is inviting you and me let us invite a few more to share the Table Of Plenty set by the Lord.

These are pages, and things i have created over the course of years. It is such a joy for me to be able to create as I feel like I am part of something bigger than me and it is a blessing to find people from all over the world to enjoy it. People always ask me why do I do all these. And I say, it is because in every new creation that I make, however imperfect they are, resembles a fraction of what God is capable of doing in our lives. Why shouldn’t I create if I am the son of the creator? So, I do. I hope you enjoy and become part of all of what I create and I hope to be part of your life and creativity. Here are some of my creations. Hopefully more to follow. And I am sure to.


You can download Sermons, reflections, prayers and thoughts from Fr. Jos published by Apple’s . Click here to go to iTunes from Apple or open your iTunes in your computer or iPod or iPhones and search for Spiritual Blessings from Fr. Jos and it will bring all what you are looking for.


Behold Your Life (Published by Ave Maria Press, Indiana)
Silence of Love (Self Published – Sacred music to calm our hearts and souls)
Essential Faith – Part ! (Published by All Saints’ Episcopal Church. It is a collaborative ministry product where we all contributed one way or another according to the gift given to each member of the congregation. Includes sermons, music, prayers, Psalms, Scriptures, instrumental music.


Sermons published here are sermons that are preached on Sundays or Holydays at my church or other churches and various places. All posts here are copyrighted. However please feel free to refer people to this site if you like what you read.

Other useful articles or prayers
In this section please find articles and other prayer forms etc that may be used at various occasions. As it doesn’t cost anything to use them please obtain permission before using it publicly.

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  1. I’m so glad to find this blog.
    The one Minhute meditation is something I like to read and the one’s on this blog seem to meet my needs.

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