Found from under the table!
Faith , Fear , Freedom , Sermons , Trust / September 13, 2010

Loretta Tyson sent me this small story last day. It is about a little boy who went to Grandma’s house for dinner. Grandma served the dinner and little Johnny started eating. Then his mommy came by and said, Johnny, you got to pray before you eat. He responded saying, no mom. Mom insisted that he has to. And we do always pray at home before meals. Johnny responded, mom, that is at our house. We are at Grandma’s house. And she knows how to cook. Yes, we are at the grandma’s house now. We are in the house of the Lord who knows how to prepare the best food in the world. On this Rally day all of our goblins, elfs and angels are back from summer rest. I pray our parents are eager to get them to church on time and get them to be found. I have a question for you all parents. Suppose you lost one of your children in the wilderness and you are left with three others and no one else to care for the three, would you go about looking for the one who is lost out there? Be truthful. Would you? if not…

Finding God
Promises , Trust / July 11, 2010

The Lord promises “I will not fail or forsake you. Take courage”. If you can believe it you will find God in places you least expect.

God trusts you to entrust
Meditations , Reflections , Trust , Understanding / December 4, 2007

O Lord, I call upon Thee; hasten to me! Psalm 141: 1 Have you ever been in trouble in your life? If yes, what was the first thought that came to your mind then? Yes of course, I can imagine, it would be how to get out of it. But then if you could not come out of it yourself, you would want someone to help you out of it. There is an inner cry in every human being when in trouble or sorrow for someone to hasten to help him or her out of that trouble and lead them to a better place of peace and quietness. But some of us get disappointed because people don’t respond or hasten to rescue us from such situations. I have heard a lot of people tell me that no one cares and no one bothers to come by or help out. We take it for granted that people are supposed to rush to our aid in time of need. Some think it is their right to be helped even when they have not asked for it. Some expect people to understand what is going on in their lives even when they don’t…