How to bring peace?
Peace , Reflections / July 16, 2010

If it is in your control, live peacefully. Rejoice in who you are. It is in the joy of who I am in grace that I can bring peace around me.

Sand castles we build and destroy!
Compassion , God , Kindness , Limitations , Peace , Reflections / September 26, 2009

A man who was walking across a bridge and came upon another man standing right on the edge, about to plunge to his death. The first man shouted "Stop! Are you a Christian?" "Yes, as a matter of fact I am." "Well so am I. Are you Catholic or Protestant?" "I’m Protestant," "Well so am I. Are you Episcopal or Baptist?" "I’m Episcopal." "Wow… I am too. Are you a United Episcopal church of America or The Episcopal Church? "I’m in The Episcopal Church," "Me too, that’s amazing! Do you use 1949 or 1979 BCP?" "I use 1979 "I can’t believe it, so do I." But tell me do you ordain women?" He answered, "Yes we do." To which the first man said, "Die you heretic," and pushed him off the bridge. Here is another one. “Jesus, we just saw someone who is secretly preaching in your name. He seems to do a lot of miracles in your name including healing a lot of people. They seem to bring the people to the kingdom of God without permission. What do you think of it? We told him to stop as he does not have permission from you or us for…