God is likely to fail again!
Sermons / September 25, 2011

In the actual preaching he often adds a few comments and connections as inspired that are not in this text.The following sermon is a working manuscript from which Fr. Jos Tharakan, Rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Russellville, AR, Preached today. In the jungles of South America in 1978 there was a massacre. Innocent people who longed to experience love and acceptance fell into the hands of a man who was misguided by power and passion. Not many escaped the wrath of evil that night. But a few who did live in guilt, while still struggling to understand all that happened and how they were spared from the brink of untimely death. They still wonder why did God spare them? What was God’s plan for them? Guilt, fear and anger still haunt them. Today that is the story of one of our own, Sheree Hodge. She was baptized by Rev. Jim Jones the cult leader who poisoned 908 in Guyana in 1978. She was spared from that tragedy and lives to share the story of grace even in the midst of the terrible tragedy that happened. God’s ways are unknown to man. God’s grace, however is available to all. Here…

Reptilian brain to God’s mind
Reflections / May 12, 2011

Most of us are hurt in our life one time or another. We have been a victim of someone’s anger, abuse or misbehavior. In my fifteen years of ministry I am yet to find a person who has not experienced hurt from someone close to them many times and sometimes even a few strangers. It is only natural from the theory of the survival of the fittest that one would want to take revenge, take action or respond to such experience. Recently as I was reading Karen Armstrong, a great inspirational writer for the brave, I came across what that desire to revenge means. In the Twelve Steps to compassionate life, she speaks about “reptilian brain”, the one that is still present underneath the more developed brain. This reptilian brain is responsible for the fight or flight response in animals. We all need a reptilian brain to face danger and our need to respond to dangerous situations quickly. It however is not attuned to living in human societies, meaning, the developed species of the world or for the life of faith. Jesus calls humanity to outpace our reptilian brain with a call to the highest and best within us, to…

God’s mercy
Kindness , Mercy , Reflections / July 7, 2010

God’s mercy is upon whomever God chooses. Today it is you An act of kindness is an act of Godliness. Whom will you choose to be merciful to?

Sand castles we build and destroy!
Compassion , God , Kindness , Limitations , Peace , Reflections / September 26, 2009

A man who was walking across a bridge and came upon another man standing right on the edge, about to plunge to his death. The first man shouted "Stop! Are you a Christian?" "Yes, as a matter of fact I am." "Well so am I. Are you Catholic or Protestant?" "I’m Protestant," "Well so am I. Are you Episcopal or Baptist?" "I’m Episcopal." "Wow… I am too. Are you a United Episcopal church of America or The Episcopal Church? "I’m in The Episcopal Church," "Me too, that’s amazing! Do you use 1949 or 1979 BCP?" "I use 1979 "I can’t believe it, so do I." But tell me do you ordain women?" He answered, "Yes we do." To which the first man said, "Die you heretic," and pushed him off the bridge. Here is another one. “Jesus, we just saw someone who is secretly preaching in your name. He seems to do a lot of miracles in your name including healing a lot of people. They seem to bring the people to the kingdom of God without permission. What do you think of it? We told him to stop as he does not have permission from you or us for…