Restriction or Liberation: What is Faith?
Faith , Freedom , Reflections , Sermons / August 17, 2011

Welive in a multi-cultural, multi-religious world. We have had many of these religions for a long time and some are still emerging. Our understanding of self, individual fulfillment, and interpretation of history has given us even more freedom to make new groups and belief systems and after 38000 Christian denominations and counting, besides all other religious conglomerations and splinter groups. Many of these groups have emerged as a result of the understanding of Salvation, and the way we get to it. We found our ideaof salvation sometimes limited us from getting into heaven and while someothers made it too easy to get there. Then there are several in between who stay in the gray area about heaven and hell. Inshort, Christian Doctrine of salvation is a very difficult one for the majorityof the people of the world to understand, and for that reason even for clergythemselves. Why is that? Look at what is said here today in the Gospel. Here comes a woman seeking help and Jesus is not making it easy saying you don’t belong to the bunch I amsent to serve. It also sounds like Jesus was not very nice to her as many would feel. Compares her…

Life that changed the history
Moments of Grace / December 4, 2010

The obedience of Mary has changed the history of the world. Regardless of the particulars of what happened, there is something incredibly beautiful about this woman who lived and died two thousand years ago. She had the courage, audacity and grace to live through the scorns and fears of daily life being pregnant without a man in life. She deserves our admiration and appreciation. I want to invite you to listen to this beautiful hymn as you reflect on your own courage to live life fully as Mary did. Be grateful to God for all the blessings in life.

Wherever I go…
Divinity , God , Humanity , Moments of Grace , Presence / September 8, 2010

I cannot lose the presence of the Lord:One arm, Humility, takes hold upon His dearHumanity; the other, Love,Clasps His Divinity. So where I go,He goes; and better fire-walled Hell with Him Be grateful to God for all the blessings in life.