What are you dancing to?
Reflections / April 16, 2016

We are all born to dance. What we dance to is the melody of the heart that responds to a music, methodology and magic. The tango, hip-hop, kuchipudi, ballet, belly dance, salsa, you name it, all comes from the heart that sees a passion in the context of relationship. Dance is the physical expression of a metaphysical experience. So we all dance and only one other can hear the melody, follow the methodology and see the magic we are dancing to. This is the origin of romance! This is where God resides. This is how people become passionate about faith. They see the magic in all of life and no other can. To them it does not matter, and truthfully, it should not. Because when your heart dances within you, only you know it and no one else’s business it is to interpret it. So when you have an urge to dance in faith or in love, remember there are others who hear a different melody. They have their own dance in their hearts, and that’s none of your business to figure out the why or why not. Faith begins when your need to know why ends.  

Don’t split your seconds!
Reflections / April 7, 2016

We live in a world of multitasking. Many claim they can do more than one thing at a time, especially now with the advancement of technology. When we hire people we hire those who can multitask. We expect them to do everything well and at the same time. I wonder whether we can actually multitask, or are we faking it? Only one thing is necessary and that is doing what you do well. What you do now is always one thing at a time. If you can split your seconds into several actions, I am sure you will agree with me, you only do one thing at a time. Imagine if you did one thing with a little more intention. How much more powerful would that be? When someone is fully focused we say they have “tunnel vision” and they accomplish far more than those who can multitask! I wish I could focus and forget multitasking! “Only one thing is necessary and Mary has chosen the better part” (Luke 10:42), says the Lord.

I hate to break the bubble!
Reflections , Uncategorized / March 30, 2016

Those who think spiritual life is doing things right and in the right order to satisfy a deity, I hate to break the bubble. Spiritual life is patience lived out. Patience with oneself, patience with others, and patience with the world. If not for all the things that go wrong in life, I will never find God. If not for all the things that are not done on time, I will never find perfection. If not for all the things that are broken, I will never find wholeness. If not for my inability to speed up things, do things right, and be the person I really long to be, I will never find how beautiful it is to be broken and be one with those who are broken. We are as good as Christ only and after we are broken to pieces with Christ. It is here I am learning patience. I used to refuse to be broken only to find myself broken even more.

Don’t travel alone!
Reflections / March 16, 2016

Take it easy today. Bike a little bit. Play in the park and play chess with someone. They are all fun. Isn’t it? For some yes, of course they are fun. For others, they are no fun at all. See how I saw it differently than you did. But what we can all agree on is this. We all like to eat and enjoy some good food. Eating together is a holy ritual of the healthy and the happy. Make yourself healthy and happy, by not just eating the earthly food, but the heavenly with others. Company makes companions. Keep off the company of others; you will make no companions on the journey. It is that simple. A good journey is always made by those who travel together not alone. So eat with those who will walk with you. Walk with those who eat with you. I call it the appreciation society. This is how communities are built. Communities share the table.

Why get off of someone’s track!
Reflections / March 16, 2016

Are you a planner? Or are you someone who lives as it comes? No matter what side of the coin you are on, you are in the space that is shared by everyone else. Your presence and plans matters to those around you right now. Not tomorrow. Your space is mine and my space is yours. Your plans interfere with mine and mine certainly will interfere with yours. Each of us therefore has to plan our journey well. Two trains can not occupy the same tracks, neither can two of us occupy the same space, unless we defy physics. The only way we can defy physics is by going metaphysical, which is the sphere of love. Only in a metaphysical world of love, we can coexist with opposing ideologies, varying viewpoints, insurmountable differences and unfathomable ambiguities. I like what Toyota ad says, “Let’s go places” together. And that means, we have to really be metaphysical and that is spirituality.